SOCAR-Fugro LLC is a joint venture between the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) and Fugro. We employ, approximately 50 people, 95% of whom are Azeri nationals. Our Azeri employees hold positions at all levels of the organization from Senior Management and Technical Staff to Administration. We are actively recruiting young Azeri graduates with technical background providing them with an in-house and international training and opening a pathway to an international career with Fugro. A number of local specialists, having once started their careers in Azerbaijan, work nowadays within the Fugro organization all over the world.

SOCAR FUGRO LLC is certified for all topographical, Geotechnical, hydro geological and geophysical investigation in Azerbaijan.

We acquire and analyze topography and subsurface data, soil composition, meteorological & environmental conditions, built assets, and provide related advice. The information and geo-intelligence we provide is essential for our clients in terms of characterization of their sites, either onshore or offshore in deep waters, to facilitate the safe, cost effective, sustainable design of structures, pipelines, foundations and to enable the exploration and development of natural resources. We also support our clients with information on the precise location and condition of their assets (during they are being built and operated) to optimize asset reliability, utilization and longevity.

Our value proposition is that we provide you, our clients with the best possible information about the physical status on your development or subsea assets to enable your engineers to provide the best solution in terms of value for money. Having detailed and accurate information about how the seabed will behave when you install a jacket a well-head on it means that the engineering solution is precisely matched to circumstance, so over-engineering, which is very costly, is avoided and that under-engineering which is even more expensive interns of disruption to production and potential damage to the environment, property and personnel does not happen.

Asset integrity is a big deal. Improving “up time” by only a few percent offsets by many times, the additional cost of doing a through site investing or a sub-sea inspection.


SOCAR Board Members:

Mr. Ilham Nasirov – Chairman of the Board, SOCAR-Fugro LLC, Deputy Executive Director, SOCAR Upstream Management International, SOCAR;

Mr. Mehman Orujaliyev – Board Member, SOCAR- Fugro LLC, Head of Control of local content in Projects Group, SOCAR Upstream Management International, SOCAR;

Mr. Mukhtar Guliyev – Board Member, SOCAR -Fugro LLC, Head of Geodesy and Hidrography Department, SOCAR.


Fugro Board Members:

Mr. Timothy Lyle - Board Member, SOCAR- Fugro LLC, Regional Director Middle East/India/Caspian Survey, Offshore Geotechnics & Subsea Divisions, Fugro

Mr. John Ten Hoope- - Board Member nominee, SOCAR-Fugro LLC, Regional Director, Fugro Marine - Europe, Fugro

Mr. Paul Frogley - Board Member nominee, SOCAR-Fugro LLC, Deputy General Manager SF LLC

Tbilisi ave., 49/C, Chirag Plaza, 8th Floor.
AZ 1065, Baku, Azerbaijan