Like a compass guides an explorer of Earth, our four core values guide us as we work to fulfil our mission: creating a safe, liveable world.

We are determined to deliver

We work together to understand what’s needed and deliver results. We have high expectations and set goals which enable us to reliably meet those high expectations. We’re proud of our track record and use communication and teamwork to consistently deliver the quality that defines our reputation. We’re united in our global drive to succeed, we take ownership and, above all, we celebrate achievements when the job is done.

We prepare for tomorrow

Our changing world is an opportunity for a better world. We’re doing our best work today while investing in tomorrow through our passion for learning and constant curiosity. With our eyes on the future, we welcome change as a catalyst for innovation and for finding new and more sustainable solutions and ways of working. More than ever, on our shared planet, preparing for tomorrow means taking the lead, improving every day, anticipating changes and proactively evolving now. 

We do what's right

Doing what’s right isn’t always easy, but it’s the Fugro way. We create a safe and respectful environment where everyone feels able to speak up, be heard and make Fugro a safe place to work. We respect and value differences and listen to alternative viewpoints, and we encourage a cross section of perspectives by taking active measures to realise a diverse, equal and inclusive workforce. Essential for growth and development, doing what’s right allows everyone the integrity and authenticity to be their best self and to go home safely at the end of every working day.

We build trust

Trust begins with open communication: we are trusted because we do what we say. We deliver on our promises and build relationships through honesty, transparency and respect. Trust is key to our success and gives us the confidence to work together to solve challenges with integrity and ingenuity. We follow up our words with actions that demonstrate our dependability and reliability: in this way, we can count on our colleagues and are trusted partners to whom clients keep coming back to achieve our mutual goal of a safe and liveable world.

Tbilisi ave., 49/C, Chirag Plaza, 8th Floor.
AZ 1065, Baku, Azerbaijan