SOCAR Fugro LLC Warehouse is responsible for all equipment in use by the Company is properly maintained, tested, calibrated and made ready for immediate operational use. All equipment and software used by company for projects gets properly tested and maintained. Workshop carries out preventive maintenances and periodic checks on number of critical equipment and tools. All project and non-project equipment failures and non-conformances gets treated by workshop with arranging of required actions like repair, tuning, sending back to supplier for maintenance or sourcing of replacements. Workshop also provides help to mobilize and demobilize projects.

The following eequipment are available in the warehouse:

- Starpacks

- SPM2000

- Eurodrones

- Starfix 4100

- Trimble 4000

- Seapath Seatex 200

- Satrport

- Total Stations

- Gyro

- USBL systems

- Reason 8125

- Reason 7125

- SSS GeoAcoustics 159D

- SSS Transceiver SS981/941

- Coda 760/360

- Echosounder Odom

- SBP Geopulse 5430 Trans.

- SBP Fish

- Edgetech 2400 SSS/SBP with Tow Fish

- Motion Sensor DMS 05

- Motion Sensor MRU5

- CTD/STD Probes

- Winch SSS

- Power Pack

- Winch Coring

- A Frame

- Trimble 4000

- Generators

- Forklift

- Containers for storage

The location of our warehous is Salyan Highway, Shikh Settlement, Sabail Dist., Baku, Azerbaijan

Tbilisi ave., 49/C, Chirag Plaza, 8th Floor.
AZ 1065, Baku, Azerbaijan